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The Speaking Part

The Writing Part

Planning an on-campus visit?  In the running for a big scholarship?  Want to distinguish yourself in front of an admissions panel?  Let the professional interview coaches at SpeakWrite prep you with mock interviews, professional etiquette tips, suggested Q&A, and other helpful hints that could translate into big money for college or valuable additions to your resume.

The best essays involve thoughtful consideration and often require multiple revisions.  This pivotal piece of your college application is not a test you can cram for overnight!  The experienced pros at SpeakWrite will help you brainstorm ideas, show you how to highlight your talent and experience, and take you from first draft to final submission without missing a beat (or a deadline). 

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Instruction, guidelines and successful strategies for essay writing 

Prompt review and editing of essays

Interview preparation, skills and practice

Biography/resume review

College, scholarship, internship and job application review 

Our services do not include:

Writing essays or resumes for students

Preparing, completing or submitting applications for students

Preparing or completing FAFSA/CSS Profiles or other financial aid documents

Recommendations on testing, building a college list, or preparing teacher recommendation letters

Guidance or evaluation of acceptance and award letters

How We Work

We’re flexible!  We can come to your home, meet at the library, or schedule a session near campus during an off-hour.  Basically, anywhere that’s quiet, convenient, and connected to wifi will work.

How Much?

Our fees are based on time spent (before, during and after sessions) computed at a rate of $100/hour (preapproved out-of-pocket expenses billed separately). The number of hours it takes to produce a high quality product varies widely and is difficult to predict. The average time is 2-5 hours, but we will work within your budget. We bill monthly and appreciate payment upon receipt.


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